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Little Ninjas

  • Bring your energetic little ones to our floor.
  • This class is designed for ages 3-5.
  • Students start learning basic kicks and punches.
  • This class is fun with games and activities.


  • This class is designed for ages 6 and up.
  • Students learn advance kicks and punches preparing them for sparring.
  • This class consist of activities to help students stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


  • We focus on self-defense activities and basic Taekwondo kicks and punches.
  • This class consists of condoning routines and cardio work out.
  • Our goal for this class is to build your confidence and stay active.


  • This class is intended for black belts who are interesting in competing.
  • This class involves more intense training.
  • It has extra training sessions on the weekends to help our sparring students.
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Welcome to KJ Taekwondo

KJ Taekwondo offers children and adult classes for all ages and backgrounds. We teach self-defense, conditioning, Olympic style Taekwondo, traditional Taekwondo, forms (poomsae), sparring, private classes, and much more.

We are a leading provider of martial arts classes in Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas. Here at KJ Taekwondo, we believe in the philosophy of gaining results through habits over actions in our teachings. Students of all ages can benefit from traditional and Olympic style Taekwondo.

Our goal here at KJ Taekwondo is to have the discipline and respect learned on our floor to carry over into students’ homes and schools through the 5 Tenets of Taekwondo implemented at our studio: COURTESY (Ye Ui), INTEGRITY (Yom Chi), PERSEVERANCE (In Nae), SELF-CONTROL (Ye Ui) and INDOMITABLE SPIRIT (Baekjul Boolgool).

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