Little Ninjas: Ages 3-5

  • Bring your energetic little ones to our floor.
  • This class is designed for ages 3-5.
  • Children learn to listen and follow instructions.
  • Students begin learning basic kicks and punches.
  • This class is fun with games and activities.
  • Start healthy habits at early age.

Kids: Ages 6 and up

  • This class is designed for ages 6 and up.
  • Students learn advanced kicks and punches, preparing them for sparring.
  • We teach students to respect themselves and those around them.
  • Discipline and respect is a major focus throughout this class.
  • This class consists of activities to help students stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


  • We focus on self-defense activities and basic Taekwondo kicks and punches.
  • This class consists of condoning routines and cardio work out.
  • Our goal for this class is to build your confidence and stay active.

Our black belts of all ages

  • This class is intended for black belts who are interesting in competing .
  • This class involves more intense training.
  • It has extra training sessions on the weekends to help our sparring students.